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This website is intended to be a storehouse of knowledge. No profit or financial benefit for any one individual or group is intended. 

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Membership on this site does not automatically grant membership in the group on Facebook. You will need to request to join the group there even if you have already registered on this website.


This page will link all of the tutorials and walk-throughs to help with how things work on this website. As with everything else, if there’s something you want to know how to do that there isn’t a link for here, please make sure to let someone know either by messages on Facebook or through Private Messages on here.

The link for this page is currently restricted to help get everything set up, then it will be changed so that the help files for Contributors are visible and everyone can see it. If you are an Editor or Author on this site and get a message you aren’t sure how to respond to, feel free to forward it to Lisa Dayhoff.

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6 Responses to Help

  • I cannot register or log on no matter how I try. Please help.

    • There are two ways to register on this site. You can use the Facebook login or set up a normal login. One I can set up for you, but the other you have to do yourself by clicking on the blue button that says Login with Facebook.

    • Chris, I just checked and you used a different email address when you registered on this site than the one you used in this comment. You’re already registered with your Facebook account, so you should only need to click the Login with Facebook button to get logged in. If it still doesn’t work, let me know and I can reset your password for you.

      I did try talking to you on Facebook directly, but I don’t think you saw my message.

  • Hi, sorry to be a pest. I’ve been trying to access/be part of the group on FB however my request has been in pending and I haven’t been able to continue any further. Other members in the group have tried to include me but to no avail. How do I get ‘accepted’ onto facebook with the closed group? Please advise.

    • You need to contact one of the group admins to approve your request. There are 10 guys who can help you with that if you contact them. Keep in mind that if you aren’t on their friends list, any message you send will go in their “Other” box and may be unintentionally overlooked.

  • I seem to have messed up my registration how do I erase everything and start over?sorry!

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