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Education and Resources

With all of the sharing that goes on between the members of Fused Glass Fanatics on Facebook, there are times when tips and bits of information can fall between the cracks and get lost. The goal of this site is to have a non-biased location where we can collect all of these gems of fused glass knowledge so they are easier to find in the future. The majority of information on this site links to the group page on Facebook. You do not need to be a member of the group to register on this website, but only members can see the discussions that are referenced here.

True, there is not a lot of content visible yet. That’s because there is a lot of work involved in taking resources from Facebook posts and putting them up here. Things will very likely change as this site grows since we will be adding or changing functionality to make it more convenient for admins and visitors alike.

We are not trying to detract from any other website or take over their niches. We are simply working on creating a resource that will lead fused glass enthusiasts to the other websites and information more easily. Every member of this group on Facebook has seen how convenient it is to have a place to share what we know or have found… whether that be tutorials, classes, shops, or a helping hand.