Q&A Help

For the Q&A section, we’re using an FAQ format. This highlights the question(s) and lets us just add the responses and links below. I’ve only added one so far to serve as an example of how one will look.

There are only two categories under the Q&A right now. That will grow as the section is filled in. This is the section that will need the most work. I think that we should be able to assign categories to volunteers for maintenance as the section grows… that way one person is responsible for adding items that are relevant to their categories.

Tutorial here.

3 thoughts on “Q&A Help”

  1. I registered but am not sure if I have access to join the group yet. Do I also need a logon and password separate from Facebook? Appreciate your help.

    1. Registering here does not grant access to the group on Facebook. Have you sent a request through there to join the group? If not, you can request to join or send me a message through here with your email address associated with your Facebook account so I can add you.

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